At VoLTE introduction not only VoLTE specific functionalities must be activated in the EUTRAN but many others are to be reviewed and adjusted to accommodate the new Radio bearers of Voice and IMS.

3dB consult offers its experience in VoLTE through consultancy or optimization services.

Consultancy services will focus on analyzing actual network settings and making suggestions for new features or changes in parametrization.

Optimization services can be focused to solve customer complaints or cells with degraded service after VoLTE introduction.

We will mention here the areas of special focus after VoLTE introduction, where 3dB consult can help you to optimize your service to the end customer while fine tuning your network.

  • Connection handling
    • VoLTE voice policy selection
      • Radio bearer management
    • Admission and capacity management
      • Admission and congestion control
    • PDCP and RLC layer processing
      • RLC PDCP QCI specific parameters
      • Robust header compression, ROHC
      • Uplink RLC segmentation enhancement
    • Scheduling, DRX, link adaptation and power control
      • Scheduling and power control
      • Semi-persistent scheduling and power control
      • Uplink Delay-based Scheduling
      • Uplink VoLTE Volume Estimation for Scheduling
      • Uplink compensation scheduling
      • Discontinuous reception, DRX
      • Voice-specific adaptive modulation and coding
      • Independent Configurations for the UE Inactivity Timer for Voice Services
    • Layer 1 processing
      • PDCCH Link Adaptation
      • Transmission time interval bundling
    • Mobility management
      • Service specific handover parameter tuning
      • Handover Mode, SRVCC or PS handover
      • Automatic Neighbour Relation ANR
      • Inter RAT offload to UTRAN