3dB consult was stablished in 2004, founded and capitalized by four radiocomm engineers with an deep experience in the mobile networks industry, even when there was only GSM/DCS networks at the time! 3G was starting spreading step by step, after the market quake provoked by the telecoms crash that took place only three years before.

Right from the beginning 3dB cosult started growing in quantities of Projects, Customers, personnel and resources. Even in the financial crash of 2007 and onwards, 3dB’s great delivery has allowed them to keep growing, with healthy financials and loyal customers.

Most of the projects we have worked on over the last few years have developed in Spain, one of the most demanding markets in the field of mobile telephony in the world.

Since the last years, 3dB has focused on expanding its customer base and projects abroad, and has so far excellent results in countries as diverse as Kuwait, Lituania, Estonia and Morocco.

In 3dB we are convinced that joining the forces of different and complementary people one can achieve excellent results, so we try to bring this philosophy to the market by making strategic alliances with companies that complement our services portfolio, provided that we share the values ​​that we consider essential : Quality and Honesty.